The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada

(Affiliated Regiment)

The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada (Q.O.R.) first established a link with The Buffs at Aldershot in 1910 and an official Alliance was approved in 1914. Hence the Q.O.R. have one of the four Books of Life on the main lectern in The Buffs Chapel and their badge is shown twice in the East Window.

The Q.O.R. Drum that has pride of place in the Warriors’ Chapel, was presented by Colonel J. G. K Strathy, Colonel of the Q.O.R., to Major General V Boucher, last Colonel of The Buffs (in whose memory the railings and gate were presented by The Buffs) at a ceremony in the Cathedral on 14th September 1960 to mark the Centenary of the raising of the Q.O.R. in 1860 and the fiftieth anniversary of their first association with The Buffs in 1910.

In addition to those Buffs present, there were three officers and three soldiers of the Q.O.R. who had come over from their 2nd Battalion, stationed in Germany. Held jointly by a Corporal from each of the regiments, the Drum was laid below the Books of Life and dedicated by the ‘Red’ Dean, the Very Revd. Hewlett Johnson, who then entertained the officers in the Deanery, before further celebrations at The Buffs Depot.

Like other Rifle Regiments and Light Infantry, the Q.O.R. do not have Colours. Their drums have Battle Honours emblazoned on them and they are held in similar respect to the Colours of the Guards and other Infantry.

Ham and RichardOn 26th April the Queen’s Own Rifles celebrated their 150th anniversary and our Captain Ham Whitty flew to Canada to link up with Lt. Col. Richard Talbot, who lives there, both of whom served as exchange officers with the Queen’s Own Rifles in the 1960’s, to represent the association at the celebrations.

Colonel Paul Hughes

In May, Colonel Paul Hughes, Honorary Colonel of the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, on a visit to England, Turned the Page in the Queen’s Own Rifles Book of Life at the daily ceremony in the Warriors’ Chapel.

To mark the celebrations here in the UK, the Drum was repaired and refurbished by Drum Major Sammy Supple.

Sammy seen below, with members and standard bearers of the Association, at the re-dedication ceremony. The Book of Life of the Queen’s Own Rifles is on the lectern.

Wreath and DrumEach year on Remembrance Day and other regimental ceremonies in the cathedral a Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada wreath is laid on the drum. A QOR of C wreath is also laid at the Menin Gate whenever our Association visits Ypres


“In Pace Paratus – In Peace Prepared”

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