The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge

The new Beaney House of Art & Knowledge has now opened and to say the new Beaney is impressive would be an understatement-it is superb, modern in the extreme with an amazing range of facilities. An enormous amount of planning, hard work must have been necessary. It is definitely a ‘must see’.

The Buffs display cabinet is situated on the end wall of the original Buffs room in what is now the Discovery and Explorers section. The display cabinet is much larger than any of us expected and quite stunning and there are a wide range of items relating to the 19th century on display including the Latham Centrepiece and Latham’s gold medal.

On a stand to the left of the display cabinet there are two descriptive books with a brief history of the regiment and an explanation all that is on display.

The Committee of Management fought a long hard battle to keep our old museum albeit updated and refreshed etc but we have to accept that there is just not the room available. In the final analysis we must congratulate all that have been involved in the Beaney project and at the same time be grateful that we have been afforded such a magnificent display cabinet.

Over the coming months we may be able to influence the content of the display cabinet and who knows we may get space in the Stour Street museum. Until that time we should not ‘nic pic’, but accept what we have and appreciate that we could have finished up something far less impressive.

You must go and see The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge it is well worth the trip and the entrance fee.

I apologise for the standard of the photograph below it was taken on a mobile. I hope to have better images before long.

Beaney House DisplayPS. The Westgate Towers are now closed to the public and we wait to hear if it will be reopened. I will keep you informed.