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We have been advised of the death of the following members:


MR Edward SEED, Ex Buffs and a member of Sandwich Branch

STANLEY JEWEL: Stan was born in 1936 in East Dulwich. He was a lifelong supporter of Charlton Athletic and in later life a referee for the Orpington and Bromley Sunday League. During his National Service with the Queen’s Own he served in Cyprus. On his return to civilian life he became initially a postman and later a Black Cab Taxi driver in Bromley until he retired.

PETER RUSSELL.: Peter was born on April 10th 1936 in High Broom. Prior to his National Service with the 1 Queen’s Own in Germany he worked for British Rail and on discharge returned and enjoyed a long and distinguished career with them. He married Rita in May 1957 and their daughter, Karen, was born in 1961 and later a son, Simon, in 1964. An ASLEF union representative for many years he was also a member o the British Rail Pensions Board. Peter was widowed in 2006 and while in his own took in a three legged dog and two rescued Jack Russells to keep him company.

MAJOR (RETD) CHARLES MAURICE CHURCHILL DEWAR: Maurice passed away towards the end of July. After Sandhurst, Maurice was commissioned into The Buffs in late 1955 and joined the 1st Battalion in Wuppertal, Germany in January 1956. Thereafter he served with the regiment in Aden and Dortmund. In 1961, after amalgamation with the Queen’s Own and subsequently with 2 Queen’s, Maurice served in Kenya and Northern Ireland and attended Staff College in 1967. Prior to his retirement in April 1974 he served as G2 Intelligence HQ 4 Div BAOR and finally as GS02 Staff Duties in HQ BAOR. A keen golfer and all round sportsman Maurice represented his battalion in nearly all sports and for BAOR in Tennis and Squash becoming BAOR Tennis Champion in 1969. He was very proud of being 2nd generation Buffs Officer and was very helpful latterly in keeping the Buffs’ Dragon Club going.


Bryan passed away on 23d June. He served initially with the Queen’s Own in Cyprus and later with the Queen’s Own Buffs in Hong Kong, Kenya and British Guyana.

DAVE CURRY passed away on 2nd July.

RON BARTON: Ron, one of the very few remaining last war RWK veterans has passed away at the age of 95. A stalwart member of both the 62 Club and also the Regiemnatl Association he presence and support will be greatly missed. 


NORMAN MARTIN:  Norman was called up for National Service and after training served with1st Battalion of the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment in Malaya. His experiences there in 1951 as a member of D Company, were to change his life or ever.

He was an excellent soldier, completely loyal and selfless, and popular with the other members of his platoon, 11 Platoon ‘D’ Company,  On 22nd October 1951 an event occurred that shattered all their lives. By a quirk of fate Norman could not be with the platoon that day but was on duty in the Company base. The rest of platoon had just completed an exhausting 48-hour jungle patrol and was in vehicles heading back to their company base along a mountainous, winding track through a rubber plantation, when they suddenly came under withering fire from a well-concealed and heavily armed terrorist ambush group. Norman’s company commander and four others were killed in the first moment and his platoon commander and others were severely wounded. There ensued a desperate battle with the terrorists who charged repeatedly to seize weapons. But time and again what was left of 11 Platoon drove them off empty-handed, leaving behind six of their own dead, though our own grievous losses totalled 16 killed and many wounded. None of our survivors and none of the stand-by platoons sent swiftly to the scene immediately after news of the event reached the battalion will ever forget the scene of that dreadful incident. Nor could Norman. He lost so many of his close comrades there, including his best friend.

We must also acknowledge our gratitude to his wife Mary for caring for him so devotedly over so many years in sickness and in health. We admire and respect her tireless attention; it enabled Norman to continue coming to Regimental Reunions and other events. Thanks to her, even after he became wheelchair-bound he maintained a cheerful demeanour and a positive attitude – a personal demonstration of the motto of our county that is inscribed on the regimental badge of the Queen’s Own: INVICTA – UNCONQUERED.

DONALD THOMAS NEWICK, of Sealake, Victoria, Australia. Served with 1 Buffs in Aden and Germany 1958-60. Passed away on 8th August 2016.


LESLEY WORTHY;  Les, one of the very few surviving members of 141 Regt RAC (The Buffs) passed away on 21st February aged 94.



MAJOR ALAN MARCHANT: Alan passed away in the Pilgrim’s Hospice on Thursday 30th March and his funeral will be held at Barham Crematorium on 19th April at 11.20am. Alan played a central role in the affairs of our Association as Chair of East Kent, member of the Committee of Management, treasurer of Canterbury Branch. The message received from our members on hearing of his passing speak volumes of the respect and affection in which Alan was held.,

WO 2 CHRISTOPHER ELKINGTON: It is with sadness that I must report the passing of WO2 Christopher Elkington. Chris enlisted in the QORWK in 
1957 serving in Cyprus, then with the Queen’s Own Buffs in BG etc. and joined The Queen’s Regiment on its formation in 1966.
He commenced training with the AAC in 1968 and qualified as a pilot. He served
in Northern Ireland with 655 Sqn AAC.  He passed selection for the SAS and went on to
serve in Hereford before retiring from the Army in 1990. 

He was a great supporter of the Association and we will miss him greatly. Chris’s funeral will take
place at Hereford crematorium on Monday, 10th July at 13.30.